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My request for a full refund was denied."There were many similar responses, with about half of you getting a full refund and the rest being denied. The first clue came from James Trout, who was told by BT: "Please be advised that caller display is made free only based on the customer's request."In other words, if you don't ask for the free service, even if you're eligible for it, you won't get it.That sounds like nonsense, but it's only the half of it, as Pat Sands discovered: "BT told me I should have advised them that I wanted the service free.They said they couldn't change the application of the charge without my instructions. Here is its response: "BT customers can get Caller Display free by signing up for the 12-month free Caller Display offer, which also renews their line contract.They therefore agreed to 'take my order' today to cancel the charge from today for the next 12 months, and advised that I need to contact them in 11 months' time to reactivate my order and continue to receive BT Privacy for free! "Obviously this is another very unfair money-making attempt. Customers can renew their free offer after 12 months to continue to receive it without an open dating service where is no limit on who you can connect with, or how or when.Therefore, you can find someone interesting at any time and ask them out.It never fails to amaze me how easily big companies upset their most loyal customers.

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It turns out there are many more of you who have been hit by the same unnecessary charge, and you have been in touch to express anger at finding the charge on your bills and have contacted BT to complain.But I went on BT's online chat service, where I got an immediate result! I can't, and I'm afraid things got even more confusing as the week advanced and more of your emails arrived.Here's what happened to Geoffrey Parmenter: "Having read your article, I phoned BT.After briefly outlining my complaint, I was immediately told that they would stop this monthly debit and refund all past payments."But then Jean Macartney told me: "I have spent 25 minutes on the phone to BT explaining that I have been paying my line rental as a lump sum for several years, and requesting a refund of the caller display charges from January 2014.The response was that I had not activated this service but that they were willing to do this for me now, and as a goodwill gesture they would refund the £1.75 paid in February.

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