Android contact pictures not updating

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This will save you from fumbling around on your mobile phone's keyboard to try to arrange, categorize, create, edit, and delete those contacts.

If you want the non-Google contacts that are already on your Android phone to be migrated to Google contacts, there is no way to do this directly on the phone; instead, you have to do an export/import.

At the time, the firm promised that it would quickly update this new Outlook app so that it could remove previous mobile apps like OWA and from Google Play Store and App Store, and consolidate around this one app.

You can access a new three day view when you view Calendar in landscape view.

You have to export the contacts to a CSV file to your SD card and then import that file into Google. A very nice feature of the Android contact system is Linked Contacts.

To export those contacts, you need to use the free app called Ui A - Backup Contacts (it's available on the Android Market). A Linked Contact is a way to link one contact to a related contact.

Since then, Microsoft has steadily improved Outlook on Android and i OS, release updates roughly every two weeks. The People section in Outlook is now “a complete address book,” Microsoft says, with a unified view of contacts from all of the configured email accounts.

I haven’t posted about every single update, but the biggest one was in late February, when the software giant added a number of security-related features to the app. Now, you can view each contact, launch a new email, start a phone call, map your way to their location, and easily find all the emails, meetings and files shared with the contact. Thanks to “unique controls in Android,” People works even better on Google’s mobile platform.

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