Are ellen page and joseph gordon levitt dating

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His mother, Jane Gordon, ran for the United States Congress in California during the 1970s for the Peace and Freedom Party; she met Dennis Levitt while she was working as the program guide editor for KPFK-FM.Gordon-Levitt joined a musical theater group at the age of four and played the Scarecrow in a production of The Wizard of Oz.Though the pair reportedly married in December of 2014, he's been famously reticent to discuss her, telling Playboy last September that 'I’m married to a woman who doesn’t like strangers being privy to her life and relationships.'As he noted, 'we kept our wedding a secret.It wasn’t that difficult because we didn’t tell many people about it.He's not some untouchable god; you could actually see yourself hanging out with someone like him on a Saturday night.It also helps that he's very good at choosing interesting work that showcases these dimensions of his personality.

The couple, who tied the knot at their Los Angeles home, have kept their relationship on the lowdown since meeting through mutual friends.They were first spotted out together buying groceries in 2013.Meanwhile, his wife wore a 1950s-style white dress speckled with black polka dots.that he made a conscious decision to "be in good movies".His movies tend to be on the artsier, more introspective end of the spectrum for big studio films.

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