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The Anger Claw is powerful, but there is a 3 to 5-second "refractory period" for her to reclaim the claws and the fighter is not movable. Shatyarn closed the planet off and send Luft and the Angel-tai to the borders, to ensure survival of 10-year-old Prince Shiva, to counter-attack and lastly to claim back the throne. The upper star is the Transbaal system, the blue star is the Criom system (where we are), and system Rhome is the yellow star on lower right... The first thing he tells you is to led Elisor back to Transbaal immediately and save his people! At the shooting range: Movie: Forte having a shooting round, showing good skills and points her gun to you! he is one of the few who can interpret its words; also he tells you this Kujira can read the mind of others, which you can have the Kujira report: how the Angels love you. The bar below is the relationship between you and them. Each time you come to see this Kuromie will always ask you whether you want to read again. Although Kuromie reassures there is no poison, Milfie drags you to infirmary right away... the pet is a superstructure of nanomachine, which can walk and treat patients when needed, one pet can cure one patient so lots are needed in battle... After all the fun you are call to the bridge by Almo. Forte: "It's a matter of time before they find us, you got a plan for us to fight them? Milfie: "Arigatouojaimas, let's get the fire-extingusiher in!

Get her as your valentine and she will kill everyone before others arrive! Luft then hands the responsibilty of protecting Prince Shiva to you, you can refuse 3 times but you must accept at fourth time. (he knows nothing about the near-aniliation of the Transbaal Forces because Luft kept him from the truth) you have 2 ways to tell him: 1. Lie to him (but later will be busted and he gets a bit angry) I think the first one is a better option because in the game you need to impress Shiva as well to get some of the special scenes. You come to know that she is the only lady who can store guns in her room. you ask her do they have a name and she answers you: Nanomachine pet Kela comes back now and is introduced by Milfie... Working too hard is bad for your health(-) You then know Vanilla is silent because her emotions have to be stable to control the nanomachines, and she would keep herself emotionless for reliable performance... " When you are thinking hard for a solution, Luft came in and suggested he leads the remaining ships away to distract the enemy, so Eilsor can run safe. " Luft: "The most important is the safety of Prince Shiva, who is our last hope." When you are still thinking Luft scolded you and insisted to go.

To build your relationship with the girls you can talk, give gifts, date them and even fight them.

Develop your power, intellect and magic stats to help you along the way.

Masterwind's Galaxy Angel FAQ version 0.012 Copyright 2003 Edward Ho This is the very first time I write a FAQ, please e-mail me if you find any errors, mistakes or anything that you see in the game but I missed. Although she looks strong she can be very emotional, as she is more devoted to love than anyone else in the universe, a tiny "mistake" done by her valentine can be very traumatic to her! You would impress different Angels depends on how many times you refused Luft: 0 or 1: Forte, Ranpha, Vanilla 2 or 3: Milfeulle, Mint Mint: "One is not trustworthy if he makes decisions easily. I now rely on you Angels." Now the alarm rings and you, Luft and Rester gather on the bridge, the Angels go to the hanger.

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She doesn't speak much, if at all, and have virtually no facial expressions, she just keeps on working and giving helping hands to others, in the hanger, in the infirmary, in the beach-zoo... A 21-year-old Colonel of the Border Patrol with little experience in battle, is called to take command of the Angel-tai(ie. Kela 29-year-old doctor-in-charge of the infirmary. It also houses the one which gives "Kujira Reports", tells you how much the Angels like you. Luft Weizen 50-year-old general which took command of Eilsor before you do. The launchers are multi-directional while others are frontal only. This will show up every now and then, in "prepared" battles, ie. However the ship was heavily damaged that she needs further repair. Milfeulle responded immediately and tell you to call her "Milfie" instead.Mint Blancmanche Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro Age : 16 Weight: 32kg Height: 123cm She is a smart, well-mannered and knowledgable lady, daughter of the owner of Blancmanche's Galaxy Enterprises. The Angels were actually peeping outside the door trying to hear what you say! Zarf: "The old system has fallen, surrender to me and hand in Elisor and the Angel-Tai.Her pair of white "ears" and her being short are things that make her cute and liked by other male fans! If you do as told, I will kindly leave you alive." You teased him then and he gets real angry.She is really the "big sister" of the team, figuring out strategies when others are asleep, and sense for danger in the surroundings when others are going wild. The Angel-tai is the guard force of the White Moon. Noah Pretty face of the devil Black Moon presented as a 10-year-old girl. Takes control of a large spacefleet which comes to send Eilsor and Shiva to hell. They are powered by Chrono String Engines (several big ones for Eilsor =P) They generally have a central compartment which attached the main weapon, and 2 compartments (1 on each side) housing engines, shields, missles, special weapons etc. Protect Prince Shiva, lead the Angel-tai to win the war. My advice: Send Milfeulle through the left pass, Ranpha Vanilla/Mint through centre pass, and Forte Mint/Vanilla to assist your allies. After Milfeulle and Ranpha finish with theirs send Ranpha to help the others while Milfeulle go and finish Zarf, if you are lucky/skillful you can kill them all in 1 shot.She has the best bodyshape of the angels, and will actively ask you to see her if she wants to. Kuromie Quark A 17-year-old boy taking care of the zoo. Her primary objective is to merge with the White Moon. Eonia Transbaal The exiled 26-year-old Prince which came back with the help of the Black Moon, killed the King and claimed Ruler of the Transbaal Empire, apparently doesn't know the objectives of the Black Moon "herself". Dimensions:- Length: 49.6m Height: 28.0m Width : 21.0m Color : Pink Pilot : Milfeulle Sakuraba as Second Lieutenant Weapons:- Medium/long range: laser cannon, electromagnetic launcher Short/medium range: missile launcher, beam gun Defense: energy shield (small one, on the right side) HP: 7000 EN: 10000 Special: Hyper Cannon, a big laser shooting straight across the map same classic super weapon as in classic shooting games like Aerofighter, Raiden, 1945 series, Dodonpachi etc, not movable when firing (HYPERCANNON, Haasshaaaaa!! Of course, for higher points and more experience, please let others kill more before Lucky Star finish Zarf off.

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