Federal law mandating vacation time

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There is no holiday for those responsible for administrating vacation policy. Whether a living trust is better for you than a will depends on whether the additional options...You know you've been tempted to do it - to toss your jury summons in the garbage and pretend it got lost in the mail. As anyone who's gone through a divorce can tell you, the process is rarely easy.What do you know about your company's vacation policy?The best thing you can do to arm yourself is to read your company's Employee Handbook.On a special note, employees can also sue in civil court even if their state lacks specific laws regarding final wages.Again, once in place, you cannot administer vacation in a discriminatory way.Remember, states may have laws protecting employees who have accrued vacation time and corresponding pay.

You will want to evaluate who is eligible for vacation pay taking into account which employees are full time and part-time.Many state laws require employers to compensate employees for accrued vacation when they terminate.Establishing and carrying out policies so they are fair and do not violate other laws can be a complicated enterprise. Last wills and living trusts can accomplish similar objectives.You will also want to check how vacation is pro-rated for part-time employees.Then, you can set about determining or perhaps revising policies for your own company.

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