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Queer As Folk star Gale Harold has been granted a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend after telling a judge she tried to strike him in the head with a jar full of coins and he was afraid of her.

I remember talking to Brian on Twitter Randy cheated on him with a bouncer at a convention, as Gale come into the story?

I doubt that these two resist enacting kiss and sex and do not have a relapse again.

Did the two Gales ever blow away in Gale-force winds? All I know is that if they are not returned, they will come back when the movie begins recording.

During the final song of the night Over the Rainbow, Randy gave a smile and a little wave to someone in the audience. I agree, I can't see this relationship lasting too much longer.Much like Gale hit bottom with Danielle, Randy's bottom is Nick. Loved it when randy was talking about maintaining his bf's privacy in that interview - we've all seen his dick, honey!Randy seemed really happy with Brian - there were some adorable pics of them together. On another note entirely I've done a reverse image search on Danielle's instagram images and nearly of them are google grabs - including the pic from her Japan trip of the forests. I can't imagine Randy settling down with him permanently, let alone having a serious relationship. It was his relationship with Gale Gordon that has people confused. Or has he been with other guys in addition to Jakob? Are you talking about Nick cheating on Randy with that dancer Jakob, r27?

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