Is black an intimidating color

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Think about how long any given Facebook user is looking at any given part of their News Feed.We’re talking seconds before their eyes move on to a more appealing image, another tab they have open, or (in the case of the guy who almost hit me this morning) the car in front of them.Articulate and at times dramatic you know how to share your point of view with conviction and authority. You maintain self-control with ease, which enables you to control most situations as well.Others perceive you as serious maybe to the extent of intimidating.If your favorite color is black, you value your inner world and enjoy keeping your private life private.

Many of these responses are influenced by location, so remember that everything in this article is based on findings within North America, the UK, Western Europe and Australia.

Their target audience is both genders and all age groups, so they’re tapping into a solid and reliable color, and focusing on optimizing their copy for click-through.

How you can use it: Green: Associated with wealth as well as environmental subjects, green is the easiest color for the eye to process.

Focusing on the details and getting things right is important to you.

You are comfortable projecting an air of mysterious and guarded which can help mask moments of insecurity.

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