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While sitting in the lobby of a hotel, Carter's statement said, Morrison told Carter he was interested in a romantic relationship with her. On the flight home to Kansas City International, Morrison asked Carter questions about dating and her marriage to John Carter, the city administrator of Roeland Park.He said his feelings had origins in a party six months earlier hosted by an Overland Park police detective. She told her boss that she was flattered but wasn't interested in a relationship with the district attorney. He said they could just lie on the bed in their clothes and talk. Several days after returning from New York City, Morrison came to Carter's office at the Johnson County Courthouse to tell her, "I can't do this." Carter told him that no harm had been done.

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Morrison confirmed Saturday that he engaged in a romantic relationship with Carter.

Morrison rarely spent the night and never paid for the room. Carter said in the statement that she had sex with Morrison at a Topeka motel while attending meetings of the council.

Carter and Morrison regularly had sex in Carter's private office and in Morrison's office at the courthouse during normal business hours, her statement said.

Kline was appointed one month later to complete Morrison's term as Johnson County district attorney. "Any allegation that I used the relationship to influence litigation is absolutely false," Morrison said.

"The only people attempting to use this painful and personal information for their own benefit are Mrs.

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