Updating iphone version

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On occasions, there might be some difficulties performing an i Cloud backup.Reasons that it can be difficult include: having an inactive email address as your i Cloud account, using someone else’s Apple ID for your i Cloud account, or your i Cloud is full and no longer has room to back up. You can back up your i OS device by plugging it into i Tunes on your computer. The PC does not come with i Tunes and you are able to able to download i Tunes off of Apple’s website.With Apple’s Special Event being live tomorrow, and with i OS 9.3 most likely being released shortly after, it’s worth taking a look at how you should prepare your device for the feature-packed update.Before installing the update, it is recommended that you have a backup of your data.Stay tuned for a walkthrough of i OS 9.3 alongside the software’s release as well as several more how-to articles in the coming days. Above the Back Up button you used earlier to back up the i OS Device is the Check for Update button. That is how you backup and update your i OS device.There are two different methods for updating your device to i OS 9.3. To do an OTA update, go into Settings and then General. Stay tuned over the next couple of days for how-to articles on the new features of i OS 9.3.

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Then again click on Store and then click on Sign In.

These instructions will be the same on both a Mac and a PC, except that the buttons might be located under a different drop down menu on the PC. The i OS device can be found in in the upper left hand corner denoted by an icon of it.

Before backing up your device, I recommend transferring any of the purchases you made on your i OS device from the i Tunes Store, App Store or i Books Store.

You are able to easily import the pictures from your i OS device to your Mac by pressing the Import Photos button in Blue in the upper right hand corner.

On a PC, it will be different to import the pictures onto your computer depending on what OS you are running.

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